Friday, May 20, 2005

Damn that blasted Internet

When did it happen??? When did I get so dependent on Technology? Over the last few weeks I have gone through two new computers at work that needed to be set up, and the slow death of by beloved laptop I use to work from home. I nearly went crazy not having immediate access all the time - and even worse having to load up all my little "pet" programs like Web Position and Office, and downloads like updates for WebTrends and Instant Messenger... not to mention all my little browser toolbars, icons, settings, favorites...

ug. Today the Internet connection into the office is on the fritz. I guess the building connection has been having issues all week and while I have Road Runner here at home, I cannot access the exchange server to get my email or get to the office through the VPN, (of course I haven't yet gotten that all set up on the new laptop so it is rather a moot point.)

And so, I sit at home - helpless. It is a nice day--sunny and warm. I could go outside and relax, and yet here I am, waiting and waiting to get reconnected with the world, to join the matrix, to interface with the WWW, to get lost in the news tickers and automatic updates, the email, pod casts, spam... When did I become so dependent? Is there an addiction program for this??

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