Friday, May 27, 2005

Crazy Week

Another crazy week is almost over. It of course does not mean that the week *actually* ends--I will of course continue to work through the weekend, but at least a few people stop working, hopefully long enough for me to catch up.

It was a week of connections. Making new connections, and reconnecting with old contacts and friends. I even got the chance to re-connect with someone I see everyday - but sometimes lose touch with...that is always nice.

I also finally joined LinkedIN--after a dozen invitations, I broke down and took the time. And of course - now I kind of like it, just like I do with new car styles...I often do come around. I just don't like change. I also put a high value on my contacts. Contact information is my most valuable resource - and I am not going to share that with just anyone!

Luckily LinkedIN won't share the addresses with people directly, if someone wants to contact one of my "connections" they have to go through me. So I am a lot more comfortable connecting into the network, and I see the value in it as a resource.

I think that is what the internet is really doing - creating a means for people to connect in a disconnected world. The Internet - through email, instant message, Websites, blogs, and complex relationship mapping-- connects people - and people with other people. Six degrees of separation no more....

In LinkedIN? look me up.

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