Wednesday, May 11, 2005

My first posting

So... a blog, how very "now".

Rationale. The more I talked to my clients about getting the most from their websites, the more I realized that in order to fully harness the "power of the web" I would need to blog a bit myself. The attraction of this kind of forum is easy to understand. My initial thought was to keep this anonymous. But, that is too easy--to release content into cyberspace with no repercussions. Too many people do that. And so, I will share. It isn't always pretty--what is in my head. My head, and my life is a dizzying mess. A wonderful, interesting, overwhelming... dizzzying mess.

And so it is.

Me. Vice President of Business Development. BizNetix, Inc. Web design and search engine optimization company.

Where. Rochester, NY.

Now. May 2005.

Today. New laptop. piles of work to be done. Teething toddler. Car to shop for repair and oil change. Looking forward to tomorrow when all I have to do is work-- at least from 9-4. All bets are off after that when it becomes work, home, baby, husband, Kidney Foundation walk, March of Dimes Board, book. Writing book. Confessions of an Introvert. More on this later.

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