Monday, May 30, 2005


I just left a rather lengthly posting and blew it away before I saved. I should know better.

So here is the short version...

Topics of interest this week:
Writing a Book
Multi-level Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Adwords Campaigns
Retail, gifts, sold online
Accounting Companies
Paperless Office
Lean Manufacturing
Kidney Foundation

The Kidney Walk is in two weeks! Geez - I need to start getting sponsors.

Lots to do - and I am procrastinating - but I wanted to make sure I linked back to my site today--and included a "signiture" on the bottom of the page.

Note to self - always include links back and signiture...

Meghan Wier
VP Business Development
SEO Specialist

(Ever wonder if there is too much information out there about people? I do. I appreciate it when I need to research a person I'm meeting with... but it is a little scary for me to have it out there on me...)

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