Friday, January 04, 2008

New Year, New Stuff--- and the same old same old, only better

Hello World -

Well it is a new year and I am looking forward to a fun and full 2008. Confessions of an Introvert is now sadly relatively unavailable (Call Kelly at Brambleberry Barn for whatever remaining copies are left - 585-383-5630) BUT--it will be re-published, and even better come this Fall through Sourcebooks. I am very excited about this because Confessions will now be distributed in greater volumes throughout the world. Very exciting (and VERY scary). I need to think of some good pre-marketing ideas to get ready for the release. (don't let me put this off!)

So I am a bit disappointed that the book has sold out for the most part (and happy too --so many have sold!) It is a bit sad that it isn't there for people to read, and as much as I find it a little embarassing that "my story" has been out there for people to read for the last couple years, I feel a little empty that it isn't out there now. I get so much nice unexpected email from people who have read the book, I have become addicted to their kind words and great questions.

In the interim, I am going to try to get some more writing out there and e-published: information for business people, introverts and young people. I love your feedback, questions and ideas, so send them along. I will continue to post here and if I get my act in gear, on some other blogs as well -- not to mention on my website.

A couple months ago I was interviewed for Yahoo HotJobs and I wanted to share that interview with you here. Those interviews are always fun, and in the next year I hope to do more too.

I -- like all of you, I am sure, have my New Year's resolutions -- more and less...

more time at the gym
less junk food
more writing
less aimless web surfing
more time with family
less waste
---Trying to be a little greener a little leaner a little stronger a little healthier.

To all of you - HAPPY NEW YEAR

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