Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Jump start, re-boot, kick in the pants...

Some mornings I feel like I am just drudging through the day—meandering around, but not completing anything. There is a lot going on in my life these days, and I find that juggling just the daily “to-dos” is difficult. My “busy-level” is evidenced by how messy things have gotten: my purse is filled with crumpled dollar bills, receipts, mail, credit cards that never made it back to my wallet. Even my house is full of half-finished projects that need to get done—and my computer virtual “desktop” is filled with files that should have been properly filed.

But I have a sure-fire way to get myself back on track in these situations, (and I should, it has happened frequently enough!). The first thing I do is give myself a few minutes to write—like this. For me, thinking things through and writing, helps me steady my mind. Some people need to go take a walk, or go to the gym—I need to write. Even writing about the mundane, will jump-start my creativity and burst through my writer’s block.

And so today, I have already stopped by the post office, gone to the gym (it was a brief work-out---but something I can cross off the list, so it counts). And I have made my way to a sunny seat at a Starbucks. Now I just need to get the list done.

..and I am underway once again….easy as that!

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