Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I sometimes see things through the eyes of my preschooler these days. Orientation for the "Ocean Room" was today and it was interesting to watch the interaction amongst the people. The teachers who where experienced as both parents and teachers, were nervous. Very nervous. Obviously more accustomed to talking to 3-year olds than adults, these ladies stuttered as they gave us parents seated in chairs designed for 30 pounders with tiny bottoms, information about the months ahead.

It made me think about how people who are nervous in public, make others around them feel. The room was not full of scary people. The 5 people under 4 were all rather oblivious to the instructions about start times or leader days. The adults, eager for information, sat uncomfortably, just as much or more so than the teachers.

It means to me, that as an introvert, I have an obligation to the people around me to pull myself together, be confident and relax. I need to be more like my son, who walked into his new room, filled with new people and was at ease immediately. He made friends, laughed and played. He was confident in who he is and his comfort made those around him comfortable.

Maybe all extroverts are like 3-year olds... free


Scott said...

At work I have to teach a class on occasion, when the regular trainer is not available. I get very nervous at first, although after I get into it it's not as difficult and my hands stop shaking. But last week when I had to do it there was only one person in the class, and it was so much different. One on one is much easier, although in reality it seems that it shouldn't be much different.

Meghan Wier said...

Scott, thank you for the comment. It is funny how what we say - even if it is the same thing is affected by to whom we speak. We make assumptions about them. We feel that we connect better with smaller groups, and so we do. Talking to 1 or two people is conversational, even if the message is not. And as the person taking the class -- I think I might learn better from someone who is more comfortable, even conversational. My mother is a teacher and has a unique way of connecting with her students. It is amazing to me because they are generally large groups I suppose that is what I need to remeber. Connect as if there were only a few people....