Thursday, August 09, 2007

oh oh! Better get back to blogging

Ok, so now total strangers are starting to tell me I am not blogging enough! It used to be just my mom, but I logged on today to find comments on several of my blogs. Sorry guys - I will try to be better. As an introvert I think that sometimes we forget that there is a bigger world...

I am fresh off my vacation and If I figure out a way to post a picture or two, I will. Vacation was wonderful. Time with family, sisters, my niece. It was great.

Vacation brain is still clouding my ability to get things done, but I have been doing a bit of research on how to get my book on amazon to rank better. It seems there are a lot of SEO-ish ways to get a better ranking - and the better ranked books come up higher when searches happen and generally sell better. Which -- then in turns brings the ranking up (or in fact "down" as a lower number is better).

One way to get a better ranking is for people to write reviews about your book. And if those people have reviewed before, the ranking increase will be better, especially if their other reviews were voted "helpful". The ins and outs of that is a little nutty and probably a bit more complicated than Google in some ways.

Now, Amazon won't let anyone write a review unless they have bought something on Amazon before - or vote for helpfulness or "tag" an item either. I think this is probably to disuade people from creating reviews falsely. Which, as annoying as it is as the author, is respected.

Anyway the SEO-person in me is enjoying the challenge of learning as much as I can, and the author in me obviously wants my book to be ranked as best it can be.

So I am actively soliciting reviews as a starter, and learning as much as I can about getting those rankings up.

This week I cave company in, so I will try not to avoid my updates here, but, given my track record, I can't promise anything.... :)

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