Tuesday, February 27, 2007

wegmans vs the rest of the world

it has been said that wegmans is an incredible grocery store. but it does not truly become obvious to a rochester native until they live somewhere where wegmans has not yet infiltrated the supermarket dominion

here in the charlotte area, there are lowes food stores, and food lions. i happen to have a food lion close to me. here are a few observations.

- my shopping time has been cut in half. since there is no olive bar and no cafe and no sushi bar and no... well a lot of things, there is no where to linger and buy things I don't need. a plus.

- i went to get hair dye-(it is unsightly to have roots--it is passe and soooo working mother). apparently there are only 4 shades of hair color here. blond, brown, red, black. That is it. wegmans gave me literally hundreds of options. food lion has 4. four boxes. i picked blond. we will see how that goes.

- i already told y'all about the wine... although i had to forgo the bath tonight as my tub had been invaded by a swimming elmo, 5 plastic dinosaurs, and 26 foam letters.

- you can buy pig skin at the food lion. now wegmans might have this too, but i never noticed. pig skin-rind-dried or fried... seems popular. i am avoiding this for now. despite the dewer meat options available-i am not touching pig skin.

oh well.

i miss having a "shopping experience"--but just buying groceries will have to do for now. there are plenty of other places to buy stuff...(too many)

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