Tuesday, February 06, 2007


I am cold. The temperature today was 8.

Yes, I said 8!

A week from tomorrow we make our move out to South Carolina - where it is what they call chilly... 45.

I'll be wearing my bikini and flip-flops.

Today I was reminded of the good friends that I have. As much as I feel that I gave and gave and gave over the last few years, I am getting it back 100-fold through the kindness and support of my friends through this move process. I am so lucky to be in a place where I can value those relationships and where I have learned how to accept the help and the love.

I'm still working on the Zellies - Ask Dr. Ellie Blog, which is going well. And I have a new project which I will share with all of you soon.

Lots of new stuff going on with the move and such - so I am gonna go do that ( or take a nap)
--Take care everyone.

Meghan Wier

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