Sunday, February 25, 2007

Diary of a Southern Housewife

I am settling into my new SC surroundings and finding a few things to note.

1) I have for the second time in a month used a hand-tool to remove a cork from a wine bottle. Which says something about either drinking too much wine (available at the grocery stores here) or that I am purchasing wine with below-standard corks, (see above note about grocery stores), or that in my current state of dis-organization in my household I am lacking in proper wine accouterment. Perhaps it says I have hand-tools too readily available, or that I look to hand-tools to solve minor beverage problems. Or perhaps it is a combination of the aforementioned, or none of the above aforementioned. Who knows exactly.

2) My house is big. It is not surprising to me now that people actually consider 'running a household' a job. I am spending an incredible amount of time tending to the house and its needs. My previous dwelling did not require such attention or time. Of course I am color-coding my clothes in my new closet--so it seems that perhaps I need to get back to work soon, since said new house will keep sucking my time and life away in ways not before seen as I have a tendency (yes, I know I do) to create work where there may not have been, or have been necessary work previously.

3) I am starting to enjoy my move. The weather is lovely, the neighborhood is friendly, I open boxes each day and find new things... or rather the old which was forgotten and then re-remembered creating the feeling of new. Additionally I have found this area to be abundant in shopping locations which I have been sampling, since it is my duty as a North/South transplant to support the economy. I have plenty of new things that are in fact new, which leads me back to #1, as the finances of living the life of a Southern Housewife is expensive. I do need to work--at least a bit to be able to support my life of luxery to which I am hoping to become even more accustomed.

4) I have a pretty good Southern accent. Or at least no one has laughed at me yet. I have been attempting to fit in (being asked where I am from gets old quickly)-- and in order to avoid the conversations about my origination I have slowed the speech, added "ma'am", and been working on the little Southern lilt. I draw the line at using "ain't" and double negatives where no such negataive is necessary, thusly indicating a positive, but I am getting by. At least I hope so--it is unclear yet, however I will keep you posted.

5) I am tired. Moving is exhausting, my schedule is confused. I am not writing as I should. My diet is horrible. It is morning and I have yet to go to bed. My house looks like a cardboard monster vomited throughout. But I am starting to call this home. I do like it here, even though I miss my family and friends. I wish I could share this with them. I wish I could move them all here so they could enjoy the weather and the Southern hospitality and the slower pace (rush hour seems to start at 2pm here... don't know why, but it seems people don't work late... or even into the afternoon when there is golf to play).

It is time to sleep. I look forward to may more posts and I hope to make them frequent. I always do - and they are often not. Perhaps my new situation will allot me more time to do this. Who knows. g'night y'all.


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