Thursday, July 27, 2006


It was pointed out again today that if I am going to have so many blogs I should actually update them.

Point taken. again.

Had mtg w/ D and C about Henrietta Blog today. Turns out that people read it. Well, at least when it is good. Which apparently it has not been recently, hence the mtg. Whoops. Hopefully that will be remedied since I was given some gentle constructive criticism. Of course I won't be following any of that here...and will maintain my rambly, boring updates as such.

It is afterall a blog.

Met with Kent the man today at Rock Ventures. I am gonna hook him up with a couple blogs for Team Creation and Team Building. Good stuff. Kent Rocks, you should all go do some climbing at RV.

hey, "Kent Rocks"... that is funny.
---or is it the cold medicine that is getting to me?

Was told the other day that my SEO Rochester Blog is out-ranking the BizNetix site again. Whoops. Sorry. (But secretly... whoo hoo) I will have to tune up the corporate site again. Can't have a silly blog out ranking the Biz site, that is no good. Especially since I have been updating that blog even less than the others. Bad Meg.

Tons of work, too little time. Vacation fast approaching...

until ltr to the 9 people daily who check in. Thanks for being what the newspaper is calling my "readership".

Frankly bizarre.


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