Monday, August 07, 2006


I am not entirely sure what heaven is like, or even if there is one (a discussion for another time...) But this has got to be close.

Sitting on the balcony of an enormous log cabin beach house in North Carolina. It is dark. There is a thunderstorm out in the distance, the waves are crashing, the air is warm.

I have wireless intenet.


The family and I had a busy day today. It was nice, but I won't torture you with the details of how we sat on the beach and read books and took naps. Boring stuff, and very perfect.

Things in Biz-land continue to thrive. They must be, it is only August and I have already taken 4 week-long vacations this year. I suppose it is beginning to make up for the years that I didn't vacation at all. But to my point... things are good enough to leave once in a while, even if I do check in about a dozen times a day.

Because I have wireless Internet!

Book sales continue to be good - I have been pretty happy and the "per day" calculation continues to rise.

Well - that is all for now - going to go enjoy the night.

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