Tuesday, July 04, 2006

How Funny

Ok - so I was just watching TV and someone was talking about looking themselves up on search engines. (Commonly called "googling") - I have to admit-- I do this all the time!

So I did it...

Now granted, it is my job to know where sites rank for particular targeted keyphrases... but it is always interesting to see where I am. And mostly it turns up the results I expect... again, that is afterall my job.

But tonight I was on a lesser-known engine...and looked myself up. And interestingly enough I found my real first negative information associated with my name. (At least that I have found so far!)

Now, frankly I find it funny... and even a little flattering. I made such an impression that someone took the time to write about me. Granted it was negative, but not so much that my ego is bruised. Essentially, I contacted a woman who had a similar blog to mine (relating to introversion) and we had a brief conversation via email. And then I added her to my mailing list. Which instead of sending a polite "please remove me from your list" reply when I sent a newsletter, she sent me a picture of dead bodies washed up on the shore. I am assuming from the tsunami a year ago - but I don't know. To be honest, it was so horrible I thought that it was a weird virus, or in error and ignored it. A month went by and I sent out another mailing. She got it and send back a very strange, and not very nice email ranting about how I invaded her space. I apologized, and removed her from my list.

So fast forward to today when I found her Web-post about how I spam.


I have a short list I send general updates to. Mostly they are close friends, business associates and people who have requested that I send them info about the book. Now I misunderstood her dead people email, but really...

I get hundreds of spam emails a day. I delete them and move on. If I took the time to email everyone who sent me an unwanted email I would go crazy. Spam is a fact of life, and fact is, what I sent was not as much spam as it was a note to friends. True--I am trying to sell a book. But if you don't want to read about it, don't. I am an introvert, email is a safe way for me to communicate. I am sorry she didn't like getting my email, but I moved on - so should she.

That said... I think it is halarious. It is almost like really being an important person--famous people have negative comments said about them all the time - I'm like them now--cool!

Oh and, if you want me to take you off my mailing list... please just ask!

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jess said...

Wow. How weird is that. So maybe a picture isn't always worth a thousand words, lol.