Thursday, June 29, 2006

Thursday - 2 weeks post vacation

So, here I am two weeks post vacation - still trying to maintain the calm that was achieved ever so briefly while at the lake.

...Zen is a hard thing to maintain - but I am trying.

I did spend about 4 hours at the mall yesterday looking for a dress for my friend Kelly's wedding yesterday while I should have been at work. (Found one--its really pretty!)

I also have a cool intern for the next few weeks. He has helped me a ton this week do some updating to our sites and organizing some mailings for the book. I have been meaning to do that for 6 months! (Thanks Rich -- you rock!)

I continue to write for the Democrat and Chronicle as the Henrietta Town Blogger - funny headline this week:

I am enjoying being able to share my thoughts on Henrietta - and it is nice that people are starting to recognize me from that little blog. It is also great that they are printing parts of the blogs each week, and mine have made it in there several times now--and that feeds my ego pretty well.

The Book sales are going well - like I said - I have a bunch of mailings that are hopefully going to get the book in the store soon (yes, I know I have been saying this for months--but I am really doing it this time!)

Well - I am off for now, I have to go get some exercise (part of the "new me" rountine... yuck)


Anonymous said...

hey it's Rich, how fitting in your next blog entry you talk about searching your name on Google.. which is how I got here :P

it's been fun Meg!

Meghan Wier said...

Thanks Rich - I really do appreciate all of your hard work... I blogged about you on the D and C blog too :)
hope you don't mind... - Meg

Meghan Wier said...

hehe - wait did you google me or you???

Anonymous said...

I searched you, Meg

haha you gotta show me that crazy woman's email sometime