Sunday, September 04, 2005

Is it possible to catch up?

I am falling behind again! Only a couple weeks back from my wonderful seclusive/reclusive vacation, I am once again feeling overwhelmed. And so, at the advice of a business coach, I am going to list my accomplishments this week:

Got hair cut
Ran Filter Store WebTrends report
Scheduled photo-shoot for book cover
Did a pre-interview of an editor
(oh, decided if I want the book to sell, I need a good editor!)
Read up on current SEO trends
Ran reports to see where my sites are placing (doing pretty good!)
Started reading The Introvert Advantage
Made a bunch of phone calls that have yet to be returned

Now the To-Do list would be longer, but I am too busy to make one...

On a total side note: Hurricaine Katrina - I got a call from a client this week with an "emergency". Let me tell you, I am very sympathetic to business people and their Web sites or email having - let me call them "challenges". But unless your home is under water, or completely demolished, unless your child is missing, unless everything you have known and loved is gone, unless armed looters are shooting at you while you try to deliver medical supplies to the sick and injured, you do not have an emergency. You have a challenge. I will assist you in your challenges, but please remember that even today, a week after the hurricaine hit shore, there are still people trapped in their attics and on their roofs, afraid, hungry, and dying. My heart breaks for these people -They have an emergency.

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