Monday, September 05, 2005

Being an insomniac... some benefits

I watch a lot of television. I actually listen to a lot of television, because I am not always watching - but often doing many things at once. Generally it is work, writing, that kind of thing. But the thing about being awake so much is that I get to enjoy a lot of television. And despite the pathetic "reality" shows and the poor excuses for entertainment out there, there are quite a few quality shows. My favorite shows are CSI, House, the new "Prison Break" show, Alias... that genre - but also the funnier stuff like Scrubs and Family Guy. Also can watch hours and hours of CNN, Discovery Channel, reality medical shows of any kind, the heart-wrenching stuff where babies are born and doctors save lives. Love that stuff. I also enjoy football, and Nascar - great for napping. In fact I can often nap while "watching tv" when I can't sleep any other way, the benefit of that being that I often "remember" a lot of the show/game. Very nerdy I know. Most likely unhealthy, but nothing new there. I am the poster child for unhealthy.

I read a lot too. (Yes, while watching TV...) I also spent most of the day online. In fact I have a really hard time watching TV unless the laptop is on too. It is amazing that I am not 1,000 lbs! Point is, my head is jammed packed of information. It is no wonder I have trouble sleeping. The upside here is that I can chat about nearly any topic, local mayorial race, Tom Cruise's latest interesting world-view, the stock market, MLS soccer, or the latest in technology. - Makes me unhealthy, but interesting!

I have been doing research on book promotion and editing - my topic de jour. I did hire an editor today. So I am looking forward to very positive results there. Also did a little update on the Meghan Wier Website. So, if you get a chance, check that out. I will be doing a more comprehensive overhaul after the cover art for the book is complete... sometime before the end of October.

And there it is, what's going on in Meg's head today...

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