Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Confessions - Update and Such

The editor will be mailing my book back to me (all marked up) tomorrow. She told me that "red pen was my friend." She also pointed out that I have bad grammar, and don't know how to use punctuation...which is all true. Also, she said I didn't need to be so excited!!! and that I can cut back on the exclaimation points a bit.

All good advice.

She was also nice enough to say that for the most part, the book was decently written, even if some of it did still need a little work. So I will be finishing that up - hopefully during the upcoming weekend.

That said - I am still working on several search engine optimization projects this week, in addition to the regular monthly reporting for the contract clients. New customers such as Security Behind Bars, Algrette Bridal Headwear, David Mack and Associates, and Serving New York will be getting the extra special attention as we tune, and report and link to as appropriate. Also renewed our agreement with Career Training Academy. So lots of work to do.

Luckily, I like work...


PS - Want to read some unedited chapters from Confessions of an Introvert? Check out the Confessions Blog.


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