Monday, January 26, 2009

Not for Everyone - the author licks her wounds after bad review

As a person (an introverted person you'll remember) who has decided to put herself in the "public eye" (so to speak), by publishing a book, and doing so with a book so personal... I should have been a little more prepared for the news today:

If you scroll down a bit you will find a scathing review of Confessions of an Introvert. Now, practically speaking, a scathing review is not unexpected. Many if not most books are not loved by all. There are so many books. There are a lot of BAD books that are best sellers, a lot of great books that are never read. I am lucky that mine, good, bad or mediocre has been able to be brought to the public, and been helpful -- or at least mildly entertaining -- to some.

...My book, as the review says is ...

"[suggestions] ... bland, obvious, often irrelevant and sometimes plain juvenile"


I guess my theory is that the best advice is often the most obvious - the most "juvenile". But I know for a fact that the advice I give IS relevant to some - a niche demographic that this reviewer certainly did not fall into--but all the same, some people do need to be told these things, some people do need to read this book...

In all honesty, I was initially a bit hurt by this criticism. However, throughout my life, I have been criticized many times. I am sure you have as well -- that is life. Strength comes from being able to objectively look at this as more "constructive" than hurtful.

Confessions is not for everyone, and potential readers should know that not all advice, anecdotes and funny stories in the book will touch everyone. If you choose to read the book, please take from it that which you find useful, and absolutely give me your feedback. If you like the book, let me know, if you don't let me know why. I can grow from each new experience, and this too is a learning opportunity for me--and an opportunity to be a better writer in the future.

...and my advice to the reviewer, if they would be so kind as to take it constructively... if you are going to write about an author, always confirm the spelling of their name first...

thank you.

Meghan Wier

Meghan Wier
Author Writer Web Consultant

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