Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fabulous February

February starts on Sunday with much anticipated football game in the Wier house. The Pittsburgh Steelers are the team of choice and whilst I am neither adamant fan nor foe, I do wish, for the sake of the men in house, that they do not fail in their pursuit of yet another Super Bowl ring.

SO that is day 1 of February. The rest of the month is looking just as exciting, (at least for me, perhaps not for the Steelers). Confessions of an Introvert becomes officially available (although it technically hit the online stores this past week) and I am scheduled to do at least one radio interview related to that. If I get over my shyness and anxiety, at least momentarily, I will walk myself into a couple of bookstores and see if I can schedule a signing or two--which could be fun, or it could be mortifying...but good for the book nonetheless...hopefully.

The end of February will see me getting ready to go for a quick visit to Colorado to celebrate my sister's pending new addition. This will be quite an experience, as my own pending new addition is due mid-late April, and I am already feeling quite aware of the obvious timeline of the Spring months. ---that wasn't meant to be as cryptic as that came out...let me try again: I am pregnant and by the end of the month I will be enormous and crabby.

I have plenty of work-projects to fill the time in between the big events this month. Business blogging and copywriting are becoming very important to many small businesses as the economy staggers. While I am not complaining about having the extra work, it would be nice if the economy would stop staggering... But while I ride it out, I have plenty of writing to do--on subjects big and small: Charlotte Web Design, to Mint Hill Real Estate, Sports Marketing to Weight Loss... etc. Life is good, and I get to write. I can't ask for more.

(see how I stuck those targeted links in there... clever huh!)

I have to conclude this post, as Facebook and my Amazon ranking are beckoning me. Darn the Internet.


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