Sunday, October 19, 2008

Cycles: Staying busy, Catching up

It seems I always write about catching up, or being busy. It seems I am on that pattern: catch up, then get so busy I get behind, then catch up again. I suppose it is not a bad place to be. "Busy" indicates there is stuff to do. "Catching up" indicates being busy with things to do. I am sure that there was a time which I was bored, but I can't remember when that was. I can't remember a lot of things since I have been so busy.

I have a short list of accomplishments for the week. I got the car cleaned. I spent time with family, nuclear and extended. I wrote for several clients if not for myself. I booked a flight to Boulder in December where I were certainly not be able to catch up on any work, but I will most definitely be busy.

It seems that it is becoming necessary to admit that I am expecting. Expecting and expecting to be busy. I have become increasing busy with consuming food and as I write this I am eating my 10pm yogurt and big old bowl of fried potato snack. As you can guess this is what is making it necessary to point out that which is becoming obvious by my ballooning bump. On the up side the motherhood-induced insomnia was very lucrative last time in the form of increased productivity, (decreased quality of work, but increased amount of work accomplished...) <>

Speaking of which...

I am looking forward to my upcoming book launch - currently scheduled for December 1. I am anxious and eager to see this happen.

I have had the pleasure of working with the very talented Camine Pappas who owns C and Company - a business devoted to marketing home builders. I have been reading her blog and am most impressed. If only all the builders around the world listened to her, the world would be a better place -- and we would all live in awesome homes with meditation rooms and natural sunlight.

It seems that it is time to turn in for the evening. I have updated my Facebook about 10 times today and uploaded my contact database to Plaxo. I am getting caught up and procrastinating at the same time and since I am no longer staying busy with billable work -- I best get caught up with my sleep.

Meghan Wier
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