Thursday, July 17, 2008

I am a Charlottean...

I have lived in Charlotte now a year and a half. And while many have called Charlotte home for longer, I know few who have called it home their whole lives. In fact, Charlotte is a city of newcomers.

...But now I am official, and here is how I know:

1) I drove through the city this week to get to a meeting. I had another meeting on the other side of town. I had been to neither of these places before..and yet... I was able to drive to my meetings, without to aid of a map or GPS, or navigator, and arrive on time, and move to the next appointments with speed, efficiency and having never considered myself "lost." Something rare for me to this point.
---it is like I live here!

2) I walked into two different places this week, where someone I knew was there--and they recognized me--and we didn't pre-arrange the meeting. We were just there at the same time! Meaning, I know enough people to "run into them." Very cool.

3) I finally broke down and got a local phone number! Now, in the interest of full disclosure, my number is technically a South Carolina number. Because technically I live in SC. However, from my house, I can literally see the state border, so I feel that I can accurately call Charlotte home... even if it is really only a close neighbor. But to me, it is close enough.

I am so happy to call Charlotte home now. The weather is lovely, the people are friendly, the economy is strong and this is a positive optimistic place. I feel in so many ways that Charlotte has always been for me, even if I didn't know it. And now I am official.

---on unrelated/related business--- I am looking forward to working with Fred from Mouse and Man on a website face-lift. Fred Sexton is a member of my new Ballantyne BNI group and I am most impressed with his level of expertise and business sense. So look for my new look soon.

Fred will also be working on - a website for Charlotte area real estate attorney Gail Matre & Attorneys. This site will highlight Matre Law's firm and their strong commitment to affordable, high-quality real estate legal assistance. Matre Law is located in Mint Hill, North Carolina, but, like me, do business in both North and South Carolina. I am excited about this new Charlotte site, because it really will celebrate all that is right with Matre Law -- not your average attorneys, that is sure--something I can personally attest to. Congratulations to Matre Law, for your partnership with Fred from Mouse and Man, and I look forward to seeing that awesome site.

I am blogging a lot these days about Charlotte, the Charlotte economy and real estate. It is very educational, and I do enjoy learning from the pros at Southern Winds--they really know their business, and let me tell you... no one has told them that we are in a market slow-down! They are working like gang-busters, selling homes in Charlotte and the surrounding area. Those guys have Charlotte's real estate market moving.

Just another reason to be glad I am a Charlottean. Everything is alive...

Happy Thursday to all. Don't forget to comment!

Meghan Wier
Author Writer Web Consultant

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