Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Good Morning Charlotte

The mornings don't seem to have started right anymore unless I get to enjoy a few minutes outside sipping my tea and going through my email. This is such a silly guilty pleasure--making a quick breakfast for my son and then slipping outside to the patio while he eats and watches 30 minutes of mind-numbing, but gloriously distracticting morning programming.

I find that I am developing new habits. Good ones. Like waking up early to spend this time breathing in the cool morning air and listening to the birds sing to eachother.

The hustle and bustle of the day--the doctor's appointments, impersonation of a taxi, important phone calls, and meetings will all begin soon enough, but for now I have found a little piece of spiriuality, or meditation, or just peace and quiet--and it is wonderful.

Today I meet with a guy who works for a company who sends out mass text messages... sort-of the new flavor of spam. And I am sure he would not appreciate that description, because in reality there are many useful applications for quickly and inexpensively letting people know what tonight's dinner specials are, or how many tickets are left for the game, or which American Idol to vote for. Apres the meeting I am sure I will have a new-found appreciation for all that texting can do and likely try to convince all of you of the same. Maybe even texting you messages such as "buy Meg's book" or "Are you an Introvert? Find out today at www......." But all the same, I may just send you an old fashioned and way-more personal email. Kids these days I tell you, with their fancy technology. Doesn't anyone believe in email anymore?

On another note I may wander off to the bookstore and buy a copy of 4-Hour Work Week - since I think it was actually written about me. But I will find out and report back after a thorough read. Perhaps he doesn't mean "billed hours" (as I certainly work many more) and probably doesn't count parental responsibilities into "work" which we all know would be incorrect... however, I am fortunate to be able to enjoy a truncated, semi-retirement, situation as an author and writer, (and I may have to add "blogger" since blogging seems not to be considered "writing" in some circles, and if one where to read this entry as a sample, I could see their point).

Oh dear, I am rambling again. Tea is gone. 7:30 is here. It is time to get the taxi packed and the day started.

Good Morning Charlotte.
Meghan Wier

Meghan Wier
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