Sunday, April 29, 2007

(un) regular update on things and life and such

I am in Boston patiently (as if I ever did anything patiently) awaiting the arrival of my neice (at least we think it is a neice) into this glorious world.

I am currently sitting in a hotel room, trying to get some good work done but finding that my webmail application is sketchy today - again -- I wish I knew why it is hanging whenever I try to delete. This is where my knowledge on the technical side of the world seems inadequate. But alas, there are plently of worse things to stress about. The spam is winning and so I blog.

I have been losing ground on keeping SEO Rochester up to date. If I continue to have technical difficulties with webmail this week I may actually get a little caught up on that. Tit for tat so to speak.

That is about all on me. Hello world - hope all is well. - Meg

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