Monday, January 08, 2007

ayup - of course

I have entered the part of the house-selling-buying process that I was dreading. Today my day consisted of lovely breakfast with my family (that part was good), stop by grocery store to pick up boxes (which they forgot to set aside - have to go back tomorow), swing by car dealer to find out that I needed $200 in immediate work (saw that coming), quick call to parents/life-savers, who changed their plans to pick me and 3-year old up. Forgot cell phone. Forgot Car seat. Got Phone. Got Car seat. Trip to my parent's house. Received 5 different calls from movers who heard I was moving (set appointments for estimates), set pay-date for Nate, had dad drive me back to dealer, picked up car, grabbed food, drove to play-date (and took calls from 3 other movers), Had play-date/mommy sanity time (kids fought the entire time), Left early without getting any sanity. Drove to Attorney's office. 3 year old had "accident" in lawyer's office. Attorney said I didn't need to come in, that I could have called, felt silly for thinking I needed to be there, and for child's pee on their floor, drove home, took calls from more movers, the bank, re: title, complained to realtor and realtor's company about amount of mover calls when I really wanted calls from electricians and plumbers. Found title in drawer of stuff husband "forgot" about, (reason for bank call and attorney visit). and the evening continues.

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