Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I was told this week that I am a poor communicator. Or at least that is what I heard, as I was also told that I don't always hear when I listen, (or was that listen when I hear??) so it is possible that I am mistaken.

Probable even.

In fact, I was informed that I am a better written communicator than I am verbal. Which is, perhaps true. Maybe this is a compliment to me if you want to look at it that way. (Good thing I wrote a book-instead of tried to make money talking). Although, I must admit that my written communication also has room for improvement, (as anyone who read my book will agree). I, as a self-proclaimed decently intelligent individual, believe that while I am an OK communicator, I could be better. I think that almost everyone could be better at communication--communication and comprehension.

I am willing to admit that this is something that I would like to work on. I have heard (at least I think that I heard it...) that communication is the key to success.

I like success.

And so, it is in my power to learn to be a better communicator, and as a leader, foster better communication amongst those with whom I have the ability to affect.

It has also come to my attention that some people find "big words difficult to understand" and "intimidating."

While I may wish to point out that "intimidating" is a 5 syllable word, and by all accounts "big" I will take the criticism in the manner in which it was intended, and resort to smaller words to better communicate to those with whom I have the pleasure of conversing with on a regular basis.

Now if I were in fact a good written communicator I may not have made that sentence unneccesarily complicated. But I did. It is best that I get it out of my system now.

With no hint of saracsm... (starting right after this blog entry).

I will not mention that I firmly believe that by "dumbing down" conversation, I do a disservice to those around me. I will in fact work to use smaller words to be more efficient. Think about all the time I will save by not having to use all those extra syllables!

...or run on sentences!

Seriously, being a good communicator is a continual process. We have so many new forms of communication that should we get good at one, (for example, instant messaging), we may sacrifice another due to lack of practice.

I have a growth opportunity here. That is important to me. I wanted a challenge--I didn't think that this would be it, but we cannot always choose our challenges.

I am ready to listen now.

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