Wednesday, October 25, 2006

ch ch ch changes

There is a lot going on - some good some bad - all in the end will work out the way it is meant to be.

Thanks and hello to the Web Writing class at SUNY Geneseo - you are the best state school! <>Thank you for you comments, your questions, and your brilliance. Thank you also for not falling asleep, as did several students at SUNY Brockport last time I spoke there... they are not the best state school. :)

My sincere apologies to the deer I struck last night. While he is likely not a fan of the blog, literate... or frankly alive now... I am sorry that my car was were you wished to be at that moment. Thank you for not going through my windshield.

Thank you to all my clients and the BizNetix Family for 5 fabulous years. I am leaving BizNetix this week - and I will be taking a much needed break from work. I will write - I will blog I will sleep. I will do all the things I had wished that I could do but couldn't. Watch out everyone - you are all getting hand-made craft crap for Christmas. Ill be unemployed and I'll have time on my out!

The D and C blog thing has changed - they are no longer paying me. Good and bad. They want me to keep blogging but have lifted several restrictions. I will be giving it a shot - but I do struggle to think up interesting things to write about that are about Henrietta. I live in Henrietta! It isnt exactly a metropolis - or even a place where much interesting things happen at all. But when they do... I ll be there!

Thanks to Friends and Family who have taken care of me lately. I love you.

Meghan Wier
Author, Speaker, Blogger, Creator of odd jewelry, painter, crafty girl, unemployed.

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Anonymous said...

Surprise! You now have time to keep up your own blog.

Enjoy some down time. We'll be unemployed together.