Tuesday, March 07, 2006

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I wrote this in Dallas a couple weeks ago - but never posted it:

Blog – Personal 2/25/06 – Dallas Texas
I have been unable to get the running monologue out of my head for some time. That happens when I am left alone for a while. I talk to myself. Not aloud like a crazy person—just like I am telling a story. I tell the story to myself, refine the story… sometimes it is even more like a commentary. Weird I know. That is likely the reason I don’t let myself be let alone often. The story is very distracting to the rest of like… albeit a little entertaining.

On the upside it does give me some interesting things to blog about. Well, that is if I wanted to… the interesting bits of the story from the last few days have been retold to myself, (by myself) so many times that they are kind-of boring now. And since the 2.4 people per day who read at least a part of this blog would be equally bored by the stories, especially told by a bored story-teller… I will refrain from the details.

I am in Dallas this morning – traveled here on Thursday night to visit some old friends. And yes, I am actually old enough now to have old friends… yikes….

So far it has been a lovely visit. The flights and airports to get here were filled with interesting people. Which reminds me: I have been meaning to ask… What motivates people to dress the way they do for traveling? I understand the business folks needing to dress up a bit as they leave the planes and go into meetings… I understand the track suits or jeans – that makes perfect sense… but wow, there are some people who totally sacrifice comfort to wear what will look good. And then… there are those people who just should not be allowed out of the house.

Now don’t get me wrong – I am not the fashion police – I don’t generally care, but there are some absolutely awful – “I can’t believe she wore that” kind of stuff going on out there. You know what I mean. I guess I will leave it at that.

I have been away from this blog for a couple weeks, an I feel like there is so much to add – and again – I know that those 2.4 people out there are merely skimming this for important info so I will see if I have some to give.

The main local Rochester paper, the Democrat and Chronicle put a little notice out asking for community bloggers to come from the various suburbs to blog on the D & C website. And so I volunteered to write about Henrietta. I figure I blog anyway and I do know a lot of what is going on in my local area. Henrietta is a weird suburb because there is no real center of town – it is more of a commercial area than anything else, with a lot of businesses, stores, auto-dealers, etc. But there are a fair amount of residents, like myself as well and I think I am up for the task of blogging for the D & C. I am actually really looking forward to it. Although that does mean that I am potentially exposing ME to a larger audience than I currently am… which could be good or bad! We will see. The only major restriction is that I am to “not ramble”. Which might be the toughest thing to do! After all, my “top-of-mind” rambling is about all that I do here. But perhaps my writing skills and mental powers need to be tested a bit. And I would like to hope that on my more targeted blogs I do stay on topic a bit…. Perhaps?

Other things of note… the MeghanWier.com web site is doing well – with plenty of visitors and even a few people buying the Confessions of an Introvert book. So that is cool. My web analytics tools are showing me that I am found for some interesting key phrases like “gruesome kitchen accidents” – which is not cool. I suppose there aren’t too many people optimized for that … and frankly neither am I, I just happen to talk about “gruesome accidents” and “kitchen” in a little piece I wrote about my mother and her life as a volunteer paramedic. Hopefully I can tune that up with some more relevant search terms here in the near future. I hate to have people disappointed that there aren’t any great “gruesome kitchen accident” pictures or stories on my site…Then again, the search engines being what they are will probably now rank this blog high for that term (I wont repeat it again…) and I will get all that traffic and disappoint all of those folks again.


Well, there seems like a lot more, but this is getting long – and there is a convention on blogging that says to “keep it short”. Apparently the public’s online attention span is short… and I wouldn’t want to bore anyone – especially myself.

Until next time,

oh wait – how about this for my bio-tagline for the paper’s blog:

“Meghan Wier is a Henrietta, NY resident and the Vice President of Business Development for BizNetix, Inc. a Website Design and Development firm in Henrietta. She is also author of: Confessions of an Introvert – The Shy Girl’s Guide to Career, Networking, and Getting the Most out of Life, a book about business networking, community service and surviving in an extrovert’s world. To learn more about Meghan Wier, go to her site at www.meghanwier.com.


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