Monday, March 13, 2006

trying to stay on ahead -

I am so far behind it isnt even funny - however - as part of my attempt at getting it all done - I have decided I need to set a few minutes aside for blogging every day - it actually helps clear my head and makes me a bit more productive... well at least most certainly stops me from wandering aimlessly in the hall babbling to myself.

The pile on my desk is huge - I am three weeks behind in entering referrals into the website for my BNI group - I need to write a 45 minute speeach for the ebusiness association and I need groceries - big time...

The book sales need a boost - more postcards must be sent out this week - some time...

A newsletter for work and the book needs to go this week - we will see if that actually happens.

I have been asked to Blog for the local paper - and since that is a big deal I need to think about that a little before I begin this week.

SEO REPORTS!!! ug - not to mention the tuning....

sigh - Im gonna go get some chocolate.

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