Thursday, February 16, 2006

SEO Case Study

OK - so that relaxing thing lasted like 5 minutes. I have jumped back into SEO in a big way this week focusing on tuning the title tags of the site as well as working with the Nickster, SEO Guru on several projects including Graver Water Systems.

I have decided to journal the Graver Water SEO project on the SEO Rochester Blog. Feel free to check that out. The Graver site will be a challenge, but we will get them there. The Graver SEO Case study will go through the steps that we will be taking and the progress that the site sees over the next few months.

One thing to remember is that SEO is a process. It will not happen in a month, or two... it needs to be tended to and massaged; SEO needs time and patience. I cannot stress this enough. I continuously have people wanting immediate results - and don't get me wrong - so would I, but we all need to be patient, put our heads down and work hard to make this happen.

Other big stuff going on - our Bristol Condo week is coming up AND... MY BIRTHDAY. Don't forget - March 1st. Cards can be sent to Meghan Wier, 150 Lucius Gordon Drive, Suite 119, West Henrietta, NY 14586. :)

- meg

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