Monday, January 09, 2006

Search Engine Optimization - and other tricky keyphrases

I started a blog a while back called Seo Rochester to see how long a blog focused on search engine optimization, with no particular tuning would fare for the "seo rochester" keyphrase on Google, based soley on content.

Well, it isn't doing well on Google. Not at all. That said, MSN loves me. And a few of the other engines like me, but not Google.

So I have been trying to figure this out. Content is a big part of any SEO process, and some of my other blogs are ranked highly on Google... so either the SEO Rochester blog just doesn't have enough content yet... or Google thinks I am naughty.

I tend to be repetetive in the way I write. I do this for affect, but also, because I am trying to cram an appropriate amount of keyphrases into a content block. On average a content block on a website should be around 300 words for good SEO with then about 21 instances of a keyphrase - or 7%. That is the formula I have been using professionally, but sometimes I push a bit more on the blogs. Sometimes I do this to test...because the engines are always working up new algorithms and I might need to change my percentage formulas. That is why I do this kind of thing on a blog and not the corporate site!

So I think that Google thinks that I was spamming - which in this case is the use of keyphrases in an excessive way. -- So, in order to make the Google Gods happy, and see if I can get in their good graces again, I will be trying to get some more quality content in there, without the excessive use of my keyphrase.

Testing and measuring, trying and tweaking. The life of an SEO professional...

- meg

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