Tuesday, September 16, 2008

...Come again another day

It seems I am suffering from poor planning. I stayed up late, got the bicycle down from the garage storage, pumped up the tires, carefully put the bike in the car, and collected the accouterment necessary for taking a nice ride.

The plan, such that it was, was to take my kid to school, park the car and then bicycle to my meetings this morning. It seemed reasonable: get exercise, save gas.

And yet mother nature had different plans. While I was more than willing to ride in the light sprinkle that greeted me as I pulled the car from the driveway this morning, I am rather adverse, and hardly dressed from cycling in a torrential downpour.

..and so the bike sits. As do I, in the car. Fortunately, my handy dandy laptop is here, and I have plenty of writing to do this morning, however, it seems that I will have to buy gasoline and go to the gym today… two things that I had not planned upon, but seem, rather necessary.

Things to report include a full schedule for the week, a new website nearly launched, a naughty dog, a kid who grew two inches over the weekend, a fortunate forgiveness of the bank for a minor miscalculation, a ridiculous price for gas, an abysmal stock market, and a rainy day.


Meghan Wier
Author Writer Web Consultant

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Anonymous said...

Meg, I too thought Nate had grown when I saw him this past weekend. You must be feeding him well.