Thursday, June 26, 2008

American Lifestyle and Living in Charlotte

Things here in Charlotte are going well--can't complain about near perfect weather and happy clients and new friends. This month has been packed full of work and travel and company, as well as plenty of ingnoring work while I travel and spend time with company.

I have a couple new picks for favorite sites:

The first in American Lifestyle - a company that sells products all over the world. American Lifestyle has a ton - and I mean literally thousands of products available. As someone who one lived oversees and would have killed for a root beer and a box of Cheerios, I can tell you this is one great business idea. Check them out.

The second is Charlotte Real Estate News - a new site for news on Charlotte's real estate market. I am really looking forward to seeing this site take shape. Set up like a blog, it will have the most up to day information, and links to agents. Charlotte is a dynamic market right now, and this is a great forum to share the knowledge from the experts.

Well - that is all for this evening, more later if I can get myself organized and back to blogging. Afterall, that is what I am telling my clients every day "blog at least once a week - it isn't hard, just get into the routine" -- better put my money where my mouth is on that one folks... g'nite.

Meghan Wier
Author Writer Web Consultant

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