Monday, June 04, 2007

Monday Monday

Well, another week has begun and I am actually feeling - again like the world is getting settled. The house is in decent shape, my refinishing projects are finished and some more boxes have been emptied and stuff put away. My office/sitting room is actually one in which work, and or sitting can take place and the dining room table has been ordered where there will be even more seats. I think I now can seat 28 people in my house and not use the floor or bed or plastic patio furniture... that is about 24 more seating opportunities than in the previous house. Now I just have to meet some more people.

Speaking of which - I have met a bunch of really cool people here. And I am so glad to have made some nice friends.

SEO through blog-power is taking off. I think that the www is getting a bit crowded and this will burn out to be replaced with something else. It will be interesting to see what makes the mainstream next.

Well - I must be off to go write. Don't want to waste all my creative juices here.... oh wait. nope, they are gone...

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