Thursday, June 28, 2007


It has been so long since I blogged here that I forgot my password and had to have it send to me. yikes.

So here is an update on life here in SC.

Every Tuesday, 2 guys in a U-Haul pick up my garbage. I have no idea why they rent a truck, or why people arent complaining that every week the rental vehicle smells of garbage. But it is just one of those odd SC things.

Two very nice guys have been working in 90+ degree weather to put in a REALLY nice patio in my new backyard. They finished yesterday and my son was upset that they didn't come back today. He said "The guys are my family--they loved me" -- guess this means that they were here a while -- and that he needs more people to talk to.

Under the catagory of "Things I have learned..." Bugs thrive here in SC. The big nasties in the yard are constantly being sprayed and captured. My new apple tree has almost no leaves on it since the beetles have decided it is a yummy snack. The termites, the spiders, the and they are all really big. Yuck. I guess the nice weather is not without its drawbacks... and in that same vein comes the fact that my dog has picked up some fleas. Fleas that don't leave, wash off, or even die when smooshed. Dog got 2 flea "dips" today - as did the unfortunate but seemingly innocent cat. Bedding, blankets, furniture and carpets all treated and bug bomb planned to tomorrow (when I can get all of the mammals out of the house). ug. I need another shower myself just thinking about it...

Current SEO and web projects are going well. Including a new flash animation that I have a wonderful designer working hard on... I am looking forward to having that unveiled and picking up some more work over the next couple months.

Well that is a brief update (in long form....) there is more - but none of it is any more interesting.


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