Wednesday, August 12, 2009

lazy day, crazy day PRIORITIES

Yesterday the family spent a wonderful day at a lake with some old friends. My big kid enjoyed tubing for the first time and the baby got to meet the fabulous woman who took care of his brother at almost the same age. It was a nice lazy day and a much needed no-technology day.

And then there is today, with an 8am mtg in Charlotte, NC followed by a haul down to Lancaster, SC for another mtg, then a LONG drive in pouring rain back to the "Tega Cay studio" for an interview with Curt Smith. Then a 45 minute drive back home in the rain, a quick change out of the "meeting" clothes into some "house" clothes -- another quick change after the baby decided I looked too clean, and several financial transactions (bills, logging time, etc) and now 5 minutes of Oprah before another change into a swim suit to go do my laps, (Triathlon coming up!) and then back to Tega Cay to see my Nephew for the first time.... (and his parents of course!)

Good news is that I have 2 new clients today and I am working through the pile of paper and to-dos... too bad there is not enough time in the day to get it all done.

Next week: Vacation
Following week: School Starts!!

Meghan Wier
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