Sunday, March 15, 2009

March Update

I have been working hard, albeit admittedly sporadically in the recent weeks to get blogs written and search engine optimization done. I have a full list of amazing clients and I am trying to keep them all well positioned on the Search Engines while balancing the launch of Confessions of an Introvert, and dealing with the regular life responsibilities of home and family - a family that will be expanding in a month or so with the birth of our second son.

Under the "exciting news" category: Metro GreenScape will be starting my "extreme landscape makeover" this week. I will have to take some before and after pictures, but I am looking forward to having that done (although we are doing it in a couple stages and may take several months to complete). When complete I will have, hands-down the best looking lot on the street.

The good news there is that my in-laws will be visiting at the end of the month and the front yard will be looking pretty snazzy by then -- something sure to score me a couple points, and for which I will take full credit, despite the fact that there is no way I could actually do any of the work myself. And that, my friends, is "outsourcing" at its best. There is outsourcing to be more efficient, and look better at work - and then there is the outsourcing that makes you seem like super-woman to the in-laws.... I believe whole-heartedly in both!

Along the same lines I will have to get some shopping done this week so that I will have food in the house for the aforementioned in-laws. They think I can cook, and I don't want to give them any impression that they are mistaken! (Note to self: write out recipes, pre-package food and cook & freeze like it is going out of style this week.... who needs sleep!)

This will be a busy week, although they all are at this point. My "new-normal" includes writing for medical folks, and real estate folks, financial people and home-services companies. Business blogging may just be recession proof, and for that I am grateful.

For all the people following, and the ones who have casually dropped by, please forgive me if I have been negligent in returning calls or emails, remembering birthdays, or playdates. A gentle reminder would be good if I have been out-of-touch. I would make excuses, but that would set false expectations that this state is only temporary, and I have come to peace with the fact that the days of lounging around the "office" for hours and being so inspired that the letters wear off the keyboard may be a thing of the past. Work is work, family is family, and life is life... all of which I happily have plenty of.

Visit me on facebook - where I may, occassionally, be responsive to requests, upload a picture now and then, and provide snarky comments on your status.

- Meg

Meghan Wier
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