Sunday, February 17, 2008


In my exploration of friendships & relationships, I have thought a lot lately about how one begins, maintains, and even ends friendships.

Today an old friend asked me how my "friend-making" was going. I am in a new town (been here a year) and I have made a real effort to get out and meet people in the last few weeks. But still I had considered my attempts to have been unfruitful at worst and slow-going at best.

Then I told my old friend about the playgroup I had gone to, where I met three new moms, (and their 62 kids...ok it was like 10 kids...but it was still nuts), and the business networking meeting I had attended, where I met 30 new people, and how I had set 1-on-1's up for this coming week with several of them...and then about the new friend I visited this week with the brand new baby. Then I told her about going to breakfast with a couple we hadn't seen in a couple years who lived near out new home, and the old friend who was driving in from Chapel Hill today to hang out.

I guess I do have friends -- new and old (literally!) It is a great feeling to think of my new home here in Charlotte as home, and the new people in my life as friends. Friendships new, growing, evolving--it is a very fulfilling thing indeed!

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