Tuesday, May 31, 2011

24 Hours n Stuff

I do not know who it was that pointed out to me that there are 24 hours in a day... but I seem to point it out to others rather frequently. It may be getting annoying.

In fact, I used some of one of those hours telling someone about it just now.

This "24-hour thing" is said not to dwell on the obvious, but to help focus on the important. Or at least the important stuff that needs to be kept to a regimented time-schedule. Because some stuff is so important, it doesn't matter how much time it takes. That said - as far as work goes - you best keep in mind you only get 24 total, and 8 of that is sleeping - 3 of that is eating and grooming, at least 8 of it should be spent with family & friends and doing that "personal time" stuff... and if my first grade math is correct, then you only get 5 hours for work. Better get working!

During some of today's allotment I updated a family blog, invoiced a customer and did some writing. I had 2 cups of tea and a lemonade. I cropped a picture of myself, went to Facebook about a dozen times and helped my mom file dba paperwork with the State of South Carolina. If I were keeping track, I would say I have about 3 hours into the work thing today. 3 hours of work a day would be good.

If you put it out there like that, I am doing pretty well for the day. That is except for the obsession with checking Facebook. That needs to stop. The collective ~30 minutes of that nonsense was very unproductive. Sorry friends. I could have caught up on your status' while watching Biggest Loser...

I have a lot more to do today. More to do than was done. But there is only 24 hours total and I have already used up a bunch. So now I am going to my kid's science fair, where an hour spent has significant value well above and beyond the 60 actual minutes. Then I will go home and play with the boys and cook dinner and revisit all this time-stuff later, when I have more time.

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