Tuesday, September 16, 2008

...Come again another day

It seems I am suffering from poor planning. I stayed up late, got the bicycle down from the garage storage, pumped up the tires, carefully put the bike in the car, and collected the accouterment necessary for taking a nice ride.

The plan, such that it was, was to take my kid to school, park the car and then bicycle to my meetings this morning. It seemed reasonable: get exercise, save gas.

And yet mother nature had different plans. While I was more than willing to ride in the light sprinkle that greeted me as I pulled the car from the driveway this morning, I am rather adverse, and hardly dressed from cycling in a torrential downpour.

..and so the bike sits. As do I, in the car. Fortunately, my handy dandy laptop is here, and I have plenty of writing to do this morning, however, it seems that I will have to buy gasoline and go to the gym today… two things that I had not planned upon, but seem, rather necessary.

Things to report include a full schedule for the week, a new website nearly launched, a naughty dog, a kid who grew two inches over the weekend, a fortunate forgiveness of the bank for a minor miscalculation, a ridiculous price for gas, an abysmal stock market, and a rainy day.


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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Will someone please link to this page?
Please note new release date of December 1, for Confessions of an Introvert

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On a Muggy Wednesday...

I find myself with a perfectly good laptop, 10 minutes… and no internet access!! Sitting here in the muggy Charlotte September afternoon at the Baxter Starbucks, I seem unable to connect to Wifi. This is likely due to a lapse in re-loading my Starbucks gift card or something, however, the end result is that I am unable to procrastinate OR work. So as a compromise, I decided to catch you up on my comings and goings in word-doc format, to be posted on my blog as soon as I am re-hooked into the matrix, (or in reality, late at night before I turn off the computer for the night).

It has been a busy couple weeks. It has in fact been busy for as long as I can remember, but the last few weeks stand out just because of the amount of work and traveling I have been doing. Some of my very eager networking contacts have taken it upon themselves to introduce me with everyone they know. Consequently, I have had several meetings, virtual and the old fashioned way, and have acquired several new clients. This is good. However, now I need to WORK. Too bad I have no internet access with which to do that. Best laid plans…

The last couple weeks have included visits to Tampa FL and Lexington KY, and I fly off to Madison WI this Friday. Luckily airports are wonderfully inspirational places to write—and they often offer a level of wifi more conducive to my current accelerated need.

BNI tomorrow morning in Ballantyne: a good thing. Even better, I won’t have to immediately get in the car and drive 9 hours afterwards as I have done the last couple weeks. I will however have to work, and pack, but that is all doable, at least in theory.

My darling son, inspired by a recent trip to the Kentucky Horse Park has chosen a “horse” theme for his birthday. In all honestly, “Sponge Bob” was his first choice, but since I put the mommy-veto on that (what would the neighbor mommies think!?) I now have to come up with a pony to ride…. Yippee. Anyone know where I can rent a pony? So the next month or so I will be collecting cowboy memorabilia, and cheap horse-themed party favors. I would like to find some nice local horse barn (clean??) with a set-up conducive to kid’s parties, have the kids come, pet some horses, learn about how to put a saddle on, or brush a horse, take 3 turns around a circle on some old pony, eat some cake and then go home…seems reasonable right? (ug…I so could throw the best Sponge Bob party… too bad it is politically incorrect amongst the preschool parents).

A casual observation: it seems to be white-striped button-down shirt day at Starbucks… I am rather out-of-place in my green floral dress…. Hmmm. At least I am cool like them and have my laptop…

Meghan Wier
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