Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Jump start, re-boot, kick in the pants...

Some mornings I feel like I am just drudging through the day—meandering around, but not completing anything. There is a lot going on in my life these days, and I find that juggling just the daily “to-dos” is difficult. My “busy-level” is evidenced by how messy things have gotten: my purse is filled with crumpled dollar bills, receipts, mail, credit cards that never made it back to my wallet. Even my house is full of half-finished projects that need to get done—and my computer virtual “desktop” is filled with files that should have been properly filed.

But I have a sure-fire way to get myself back on track in these situations, (and I should, it has happened frequently enough!). The first thing I do is give myself a few minutes to write—like this. For me, thinking things through and writing, helps me steady my mind. Some people need to go take a walk, or go to the gym—I need to write. Even writing about the mundane, will jump-start my creativity and burst through my writer’s block.

And so today, I have already stopped by the post office, gone to the gym (it was a brief work-out---but something I can cross off the list, so it counts). And I have made my way to a sunny seat at a Starbucks. Now I just need to get the list done.

..and I am underway once again….easy as that!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Confessions of an Introvert

NEWS: Confessions of an Introvert -- is now available for pre-order through AMAZON at:
This new edition is longer (240 pages, up from the previous 176) and is currently ON SALE for $11.53.

(The New and Improved....) Confessions of an Introvert will be out officially on OCT 1, 2008, but order your copy for a significant savings today!!

- Meghan Wier

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Career Choices

I should have become a professional painter. It is one of those things that I really enjoy.

Painting is a process, and a commitment. The commitment to the color--although that can usually be changed--but also to the process. You can't effectively paint a room unless you have several hours to give to it--and most of the time, you need 2 good days.

I have made the commitment to a beautiful shade of light green for my master bathroom. It has been nearly a year since we moved into the new house near Charlotte, and my bathroom is one of the last rooms in the house that hasn't gotten a coat of paint.

So tomorrow I will be procrastinating on the writing I should do, and the laundry that has piled up, and the other household things that are meant to be done on the weekend. And yet, the chore of painting is a pure joy for me -- something I am really good at, and I love to do.

---and then Monday I will have to find another reason to procrastinate doing me writing, laundry and other household things...

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The art of making new friends

I have been living in the Charlotte area, and I find myself with an unusual problem: I need to make some friends. I just don't know that many people here!

I haven't had to work to make new friends since I was in 5th grade. I just made friends. I can say I probably never had a lot of friends, but then I was always ok with that. I preferred a smaller, closer group.

So here I am in a new town, working from home with no natural friend-making opportunities presenting themselves and no one actively pursuing my friendship. Making friends as an adult is quite frankly, a little awkward. It is a balance between being interested and aggressive... and being too desperate. Maybe like dating... although I didnt do any of that as an adult either. ...Not only will my new friend-prospect need to like me, but they will have to like my son, and not annoy my husband too much. They will have to be intellectually interesting, but not too much of a smarty-pants.

Oh and the list goes on. As I write it I realize I have high standards. Guess that is why my friend list was always short....

:) -- well, I will continue to look for new friends and try not to overly freak them out with my awkward friend-seeking skills.

If nothing else the process is great research for my next book about introverts and relationships!

Friday, January 04, 2008

Writing and Consultation Rate Sheet

I have added a new 2008 Rate Sheet for my writing and web consulting services. Click here to download the PDF.

New Year, New Stuff--- and the same old same old, only better

Hello World -

Well it is a new year and I am looking forward to a fun and full 2008. Confessions of an Introvert is now sadly relatively unavailable (Call Kelly at Brambleberry Barn for whatever remaining copies are left - 585-383-5630) BUT--it will be re-published, and even better come this Fall through Sourcebooks. I am very excited about this because Confessions will now be distributed in greater volumes throughout the world. Very exciting (and VERY scary). I need to think of some good pre-marketing ideas to get ready for the release. (don't let me put this off!)

So I am a bit disappointed that the book has sold out for the most part (and happy too --so many have sold!) It is a bit sad that it isn't there for people to read, and as much as I find it a little embarassing that "my story" has been out there for people to read for the last couple years, I feel a little empty that it isn't out there now. I get so much nice unexpected email from people who have read the book, I have become addicted to their kind words and great questions.

In the interim, I am going to try to get some more writing out there and e-published: information for business people, introverts and young people. I love your feedback, questions and ideas, so send them along. I will continue to post here and if I get my act in gear, on some other blogs as well -- not to mention on my website.

A couple months ago I was interviewed for Yahoo HotJobs and I wanted to share that interview with you here. Those interviews are always fun, and in the next year I hope to do more too.

I -- like all of you, I am sure, have my New Year's resolutions -- more and less...

more time at the gym
less junk food
more writing
less aimless web surfing
more time with family
less waste
---Trying to be a little greener a little leaner a little stronger a little healthier.

To all of you - HAPPY NEW YEAR