Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Your Information

As I fill out yet another online form, I am reminded of how readily available any and all information about me. My favorite books, my friends, my address - even my "mood." I know this, I am ok with it.. but how many people do not know that they can no longer be anonymous online. So a bit of advice, (from a confessed serial advice giver).... think about it before you type it in. The internet can connect you with people you know, knew, or want to know... but it can also connect you with those you don't. ---My book: Confessions of an Introvert will no longer be available starting Dec 1st. It is being re-published by SourceBooks! Look for it in store next Fall (maybe under a new name, I will let you know). HAPPY THANKSGIVING

Friday, November 02, 2007

I Want Your Story

I am a businesswoman. I am a mom. These two things are sometimes at odds. And those are not the only things that I am.

I am a wife, daughter, friend, sister, neighbor, and writer. As women we have a struggle with career and family. Some of us find a good balance with work and parenthood, just to fail at our marriages. Some of us fail at being a good friend. Some never find any balance.

I don’t want to write about the issues of being a good mom, or whether or not we, as parents, should work outside the home or not. The topic has been batted around by just about everyone. In my opinion, some people should work, some should stay home, and some should do some of each depending on the ages of their children and their other life factors (job, money, support system, spouse, level of sanity).

What I do want to write about is how women establish, manage, and grow relationships. I want to explore why some people’s bonds grow after they have children, and why some people break off ties. I want to know why having children makes some people smart business people, and why for some, parenthood sucks their drive for success. I want to know why some people can perfectly mange work and parenthood and marriage and friendships with one child, but a second baby is the thing that causes the break-up and break down of these things.

For those of us who have decided to work outside the home, how do we network when we have to be home to fix dinner and get the little ones tucked into bed? For those of us who stay at home with out kids, or work from home, how do we make sure not to lose touch with friends, family, and business contacts? How do we have it all and not lose what is important in the process?

I hope to explore these things in my next book, but I want to hear from you. I want to hear about your relationships, your families, and your work. Tell me what you do to manage, what is important to you and why. I want your stories.