Monday, May 21, 2007


I have been negligent again in keeping this blog up to date. But since it is always boring to read about how someone is not doing something and why, I will spare you the details.

Things in Charlotte are good and should settle back into a decent routine here in the next few weeks. I have plenty of work to do, both for clients and around the house. It is good to be so busy.

Weather here is glorious and certainly a contributing factor in both my mood and inability to complete the projects on my list.

I am working hard on content updates for site such as Team Events. I have enjoyed that - and hope that more site owners realize the importance of up-to-date search engine friendly content. The Team Events site is well designed and has been a pleasure to work on.

I met my niece this past week. A delightful little bundle. Congrats to sis and G.

Looking forward to the end of summer beach trip. But every day is a vacation here. Hard to complain when work is good and the sun is shining.

--- but I do need to get back into the gym. The last few weeks have not been good for the training. The Duathlon is a no-go for June. Another trip up North is not in the plan until at least Aug. I will possibly make the Canandaigua run. Possibly!

Thanks for hanging in with me folks! I will post again soon. - M