Saturday, March 31, 2007

Email Email Email

I recently moved and lost my long-time email address:Meg@

Besides the sentimental value-- it was nice just to be meg@

I think I will be changing my email on things, forms, websites, blogs, cards, address books, online directories, etc. etc. for the rest of my natural life. Too bad there isnt a form like the post office has that just forwards and informs everyone.

--other news. Getting referrals from my site and blogs this week for web content writing. Means I should do more on all those, as they are now getting dated. But it is nice to see that I am still a powerhouse for phrases such as "seo rochester" despite the fact I have moved. (Sorry Biz) -- I will now work on the new market. Although still sending work as possible to the Biz folk. Least I can do since they haven't yet updated their website to refect my departure :) Cobbler's Shoes and all that.

SEO CHARLOTTE here I come.

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Friday, March 30, 2007


It has for some reason been a tiring week. It is Friday night and I am sitting exhausted not looking forward to the fact that I have to get my son bathed and ready for bed. I just don't have the energy.

I have been working out at the gym this week - although I can't say I am getting in shape. I just am getting tired and achy. It will pay off though... I hope. That Duathlon is right around the corner, and I have to make a decision soon...

Good work done on the business front this week, although I have a ton of work booked for next week. I also want to get to BNI this coming week, Maybe Kelly will go with me! It seems that there are a lot of people in need of good website copyrighting--but then I knew that.

My friend Kelly arrives Monday, so I have to get the house in order this weekend. It is in need of some attention.

Well I best be getting to that bath. The kid hasn't quite mastered that on his own yet.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Introvert and the art of the complaint

It seems that I had to do a lot of complaining lately. I hate complaining - at least when it comes to strangers. I can complain all day to the people I know--but to strangers. It is just uncomfortable.

However, I suppose that in complaining one does get to know more people... making them, in a sense, no longer strangers.

Here is a list of people with whom I am now better aquainted:
Sears auto repair dude (Mark)
Sears auto repair manager (Jim)
Builder Warranty Guy (Donny)
Builder Window Warranty Lady (Annie)
Target Customer Service Dude (Brian)
Target Customer Service Manager (Rob)
Target Third Party Shipping Company Lady (Name not shared...but I still feel like we bonded)
Target Third Party Shipping Company Delivery Guy (Joe)
Ebay Seller who gave me the wrong adapter

--- there are more. Can't possible remember all the great people I have had the pleasure of getting to know better this week. is still nice. House is wonderful. Computer back up and running, car fixed, card refunded 20% of new loveseat for "annoyance," window being fixed monday.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Business Blogging

I am getting ready to send out my business blogging post-cards to businesses here in Charlotte, and I hope to pick up a couple more clients in the next few weeks while balancing my current work load.

Things in the blogging business are good. Although it is interesting how things have changed in the last year. Blogs have probably reached their peak--with those who are going to create them having done so. In a year's time I predict we will have moved into the next craze--at least from a personal writing standpoint. I do think that blogging for business will grow however as more and more people see the benefits of an archivable and easily searchable resource for things like news, frequently asked questions, etc.

A couple years ago I met a woman who was setting up blogs - and "blog strategies" for clients and asked to partner with a Web company I was working at. I remember thinking that she would never make money doing that- and I mistakenly was under the impression that blogs were nothing but a fad for teens to blather on about their angst. --Now they are for that too, but a blog can be an extension of a corporate site, a tool for information sharing and prospecting and organizing.

Here are a couple thing one should know about blogging... If you are using a blog creator such as blogger, you do not own the code. The information that you post is yours but it sits on a server and in code that is not yours. It could go away at any time. If this content is valuable to you, save it. Cut and paste it into a .doc or have the posts get emailed to you (and save those). While Google's Blogger and the other free Blog sites are probably not going anywhere, it is better to be save than sorry.

Also, it is important to understand linking. Who you link to and who links to you will set up your blog and the sites that it is connected to for possible heavy traffic. You may be forever connected. While this is a remarkable tool for those of us looking to create "webs" of information and build credibility with the SE's, it is important to track where the links to your site are coming from and carefully link out. In order for a blog to generate higher PR and traffic, it must link to the parent or corporate site.

--on a personal note, Charlotte is lovely. But the weather-people don't know much about bad weather! We had a forecast of cold wet weather today. Now admittedly it was overcast some of the day - but the temp was between 66 and 70. Perfectly acceptable for March! Tomorrow they say it will be "much nicer" -- mid 70s. It is all good. Kid is feeling better, dog's problem has been resolved and besides the house-work that is piling up, things are decent. I even got my SC liscense yesterday (although it took 2 trips to Lancaster...long story). Also happy to let you know I am working on a blog for Team Events in NY - Ask the Party Planner. Want to plan an event in NY/NJ? I know who to talk to!

Thanks to all who check in and read this little blog. I look forward to hearing from you all.



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Here is a PR checker I found - let me know what you think

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Introvert Seeking Others

For my upcoming book about Introverts and Relationships, I am asking for submissions from other Introverts about how they formed and maintained relationships with siblings, friends and co-workers. I have had several interesting submissions thus far and I am looking for more - so please write to me at

- On a personal note the baby still has chicken pox, my laptop power supply replacement is not coming until Tuesday, the furniture I bought to get over not being able to get the furniture I wanted is a week late, and I may never get the "little project" (aka the china cabinet) finished. Oh, and the dog has fleas.

But the weather is nice. I bought a peach tree today, and my car is now officially registered in SC (Smiling Faces, Beautiful Places).

--A pretty good day.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Things I have learned this week...

1) They call the place I live "The Carolinas." Apparently there is no need for differentiation between North and South. Which made me think about the Dakotas and the Virginas--which I have never heard referred to in this manner, but since I am from the Carolinas now, I suppose I will have to investigate this lest I commit a faux pas with them ("dem"?) Dakoda-ins.

2) I learned how to spell "Faux Pas" - had to look it up for #1

3) A child who has been vaccinated against chicken pox can still get chicken pox.

4) If you accidentally splash the toxic chemical used for stripping furniture in your eye, it will not melt the eye ball (which is what I had feared), However, it stings. A lot.

5) Xylitol really is a miracle cure.

6) Attempting to complete an iron-man length training schedule over the course of a month is hard. And for me, seemingly impossible.

7) In Charlotte North Carolina gas is $2.41/gal. At the station just South of the border the gas is $2.38/gallon. Across the street from that station gas is $2.28/gallon. I still don't know why two stations across the street have a 10 cent difference, but I suppose it doesn't matter. I buy my gas at the cheaper place with everyone else in town.

8) Not working is hard work. Not working is expensive and trying to get work done while one is not working is hard.

- So I best be getting back to work.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

blogged out

I have been blogging overtime for all my clients and I am still a little behind... Check out the link above to find out why this week will not be the one I get caught up on. Especially Tuesday and Wednesday.

- Meg