Saturday, January 27, 2007

Page Rank revisited - again

Here is a general update for all three of you (my new daily "readership" per blog explosion)..

The Ask Dr. Ellie blog that I have been working on is finally showing some Page Rank - Thank goodness! As much as I know these things take time, I was starting to wonder. The appearance of that nice little green bar let me to check the other PRs of my sites and of course I was dissappointed. The sandbox has started to suck the PR out as it does and no wonder - I have not been working diligently as I should have on such matters.

Which of course leads me to our pending move to lovely Charlotte NC/Fort Mill-Lancaster SC. I am still not sure how to explain the fact that I will reside in SC, near Charlotte NC, in Lancaster County, near but not in York County, and my mailing address is Fort Mill, which is of course in York County.... and I thought we made things confusing up here with our wild pronunciation... Charlotte - Chili - Leroy for example. (Long story to non-Rochestarians...I won't bore you).

--back to the move. I have been packing and readying as much as possible. It is an interesting balance to pack enough and not so much that I can't get thru the days. I need clothes afterall (it was only 8 degrees today...) and food (although I am making progress on emptying the cupboard), the TV has to stay til the move, the couch needs to stay until the last minute when it will get sold/given away, the garage is WAY too cold to empty out (although eventually I won't be able to use that as an excuse) and there are only so many toys my son will part with without noticing. The laptop and pets will be packed 2nd to last... right before my kid...

And so I do a little each day, throw out what I can, use and consolodate when possible, and continue to watch the days evaporate and hope there will be enough time to do it all.

---knowing full well there won't be and having to come to terms with the fact that that will just have to be ok.

My 90 days are up. I learned... uh.... that I am still busy, that I fill the days with being busy when I am not and that my original book idea is boring. Oh, and that working is over-rated.

And so--- I have started my freelance writing business. In fact I have to go now and sent the postcards out to my perspective new clients.


of course not.

Meghan Wier
Author Writer Web Consultant

Monday, January 15, 2007

up to date update

Lots of stuff going on as usual, but I was able to spend a relatively quiet weekend at home with family. I have a nice day scheduled for tomorrow including phone calls for the new house and random ones -- like calling the vet to see if we can sedate the animals for the trip to South Carolina. Things are falling intol place with my move, if only the close date would be settled here. We need a lot to happen in a short amount of time.

I did just schedule a babysitter for down in SC. Talk about planning ahead :) at least I know I will have a couple hours to myself the Friday after I move. Thank god for family.

Saturday, January 13, 2007


I am sleepy - and sick tonight. Fighting off a sinus cold of some sort. Was "recognized" yesterday at Starbucks --- the guy said "a chai latte for our town blogger" as he handed me my drink. Funny. I haven't been the Henrietta town blogger for a couple months now. Just goes to show that when people set something in their minds, it stays. I was only recognized a couple times during the 6 months my picture was in the paper at least once a week. Funny. I need to get the new book ideas formulated. Mostly people have been talking about the introvert aspect of what I write about. Guess I need to work that idea a bit more. There are so many way I could take it and I need to get past the writer's block and dig in. Maybe a "careers for introverts" book.

Monday, January 08, 2007

ayup - of course

I have entered the part of the house-selling-buying process that I was dreading. Today my day consisted of lovely breakfast with my family (that part was good), stop by grocery store to pick up boxes (which they forgot to set aside - have to go back tomorow), swing by car dealer to find out that I needed $200 in immediate work (saw that coming), quick call to parents/life-savers, who changed their plans to pick me and 3-year old up. Forgot cell phone. Forgot Car seat. Got Phone. Got Car seat. Trip to my parent's house. Received 5 different calls from movers who heard I was moving (set appointments for estimates), set pay-date for Nate, had dad drive me back to dealer, picked up car, grabbed food, drove to play-date (and took calls from 3 other movers), Had play-date/mommy sanity time (kids fought the entire time), Left early without getting any sanity. Drove to Attorney's office. 3 year old had "accident" in lawyer's office. Attorney said I didn't need to come in, that I could have called, felt silly for thinking I needed to be there, and for child's pee on their floor, drove home, took calls from more movers, the bank, re: title, complained to realtor and realtor's company about amount of mover calls when I really wanted calls from electricians and plumbers. Found title in drawer of stuff husband "forgot" about, (reason for bank call and attorney visit). and the evening continues.