Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Introvert at the Carnival

We had a spectacular neighborhood carnival yesterday, and it was great to see so many of our neighbors out enjoying the beautiful day. I did, upon introspection, realize I did not meet to many on those neighbors however. (I say with a tinge of embarassment). Caught up in my own little world, taking care of my son, I did not really use the opportunity to get to know the people who know live up and down the street from me. And that is really too bad. We live in neighborhoods so that we are near other people, so that we can build friendships and create a community. While the carnival made me appreciate the new neighbors, I did not let any of them know that. And shame on me. I guess as an introvert, I reverted to my base behavior in a new setting. That is probably a classic personality trait. But it should be no excuse.


However, I did learn something valuable, (besides to be more outgoing!) and that is to get people to come to you. One of the reasons for my success in my former life (i.e. BC - before Carolina) was that people knew to come to me. Yesterday a woman recognized my name (written on a contest entry form) from the neighborhood newsletter. She complemented me on the good job and said she had wanted to add something to the next edition.

Now, I am by no means anything more than a contributor to our little neighborhood newsletter, but it was certainly nice to be recognized (even if just by name). I guess I missed that. And it is a good kick in the rear to realize that as an introvert, sometimes the best way to meet new people is to have them come to you.

In other news, I have booked the flight to Hawaii - a lifelong dream and one of my 90-day goals. granted, it has almost been a year since I created that goal for myself, however, as with "stretch" goals, it is nice to just accomplish them, even if the timeline doesn't always work. I am very excited to fulfill this dream, and we leave at the end of November for a week.

Between now and then, I get to go to Miami Beach for a couple days and then plan for my little guy's 4th birthday.

Confessions of an Introvert news: I am looking at the possibility of working with a traditional publisher. This will open some doors into bookstores that will be wonderful. I will keep you posted if a relationship forms.

Thanks for reading! Have a great day.
Meghan Wier

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Scott said...

Letting them come to me is the only way I will ever meet new people. Well I actually introduced myself to a new neighbor the other day, which was big for me. I'm nice and friendly when approached, but I'm not going out of my way to show anyone. You played it the same way I would have.

Hawaii sounds great, hopefully our postponed HI vacation will happen this winter or spring.