Wednesday, November 29, 2006

no jumping out of planes for me

I called the skydiving place today and they can't take me while I am down there... bummer, but I'll keep trying...Maybe while I am in Florida.

Made cupcakes. It is amazing what frosting will cover cupcakes turned into donuts--but again, frosting is good.

beautiful weather.

nice day.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


I found a place in Charlotte where I can skydive. I hope that I can go. I have been wanting to do that for such a long time. The tandem jump seems perfect for me. Three hours. Easy - and fun. If not this time, then maybe next.

I have been getting the log of this site and it says that I have 6-10 people who look at this site each day! (Hi Mom). So for all of you actual people, (not spiders, etc.) I apologize for this site being so boring as late.

And with that I thought I would talk a little about the blogosphere. Such an interesting place this blog-world where randon people can blabber on about the meaningless bits and pieces of their lives. More interesting is that these blogs are read by strangers.

I received a comment off my 90 days blog today that I found really funny. The anonymous commenter (commentor?) thought that is was a contradiction that a self-proclaimed "introvert" would be so open about their life and post it on the internet. It made me think about things a bit, but essentially it didn't change my mind any about blogging. I am very careful to avoid talking about too many personal things--or at least personal things that I wouldn't want the public to see/read. You won't find any pictures of any crazy drunken nights... I don't have any (that I know of) and if I did, the blogosphere--and the internet in general is not the place for them. I may want to work for someone again...Also I rarely mention my family. I have been called on this by certain members of my family - and even friends who wonder why I don't talk about them. Here is the deal there... they did not ask to have their names/lifes/pictures/personal information posted on the WWW. I choose this place where anyone who has read enough knows my preferred shoe type and favorite beverage. But they do not. It would not be fair to talk about those without their knowledge or permission. Again - they too may want to work for someone--they do not need to be easily Googled unless they want to be.

I tend to discuss matters of business (blogging, web, networking) or personal interest (introverts) or about my book or other projects. And I talk about the mundane. The mundane I discuss because I don't expect that anyone except my family cares -- so the rest of you just skip over it (go ahead--I'm fine with it) and because as a writer, clearing my head of the grocery list, and the to-do list, and the messy thoughts about bad luck, or toxic situations helps me focus when I do write coherently.

As an Introvert I still can hide here - you can't see me - (haha)

Yes, Im an Introvert.

So I thank you for hanging with me as I clear my brain for the reboot.


Friday, November 24, 2006


Yesterday was Thanksgiving, and I am happy to report that the turkey was cooked adequately, and we had a lovely meal. Overall, (besides the fact that I spent the majority of the day cooking), it was a nice relaxing day.

Today was decent too... I have been fighting a migraine for a couple days now and it finally broke this afternoon, much to my relief. This morning I was interviewed by a woman from Canada doing a newspaper story on shyness--Christina Friedrichsen (who also wrote a book: I really enjoyed talking to Christina, and can't wait to read the story.

Of course talking to Christima about book promotion and search engine optimization, reminded me (once again!) that I really need to schedule a few of those book signings and get the blogs updated. I do hope to see what the designer has for me in terms of a face-lift to the site after this long weekend. That should be a lot of fun. The site is in need to re-working, and I look forward to adding my new information about web-writing and seo and coaching to the site.

I have also been working on the Ask Dr. Ellie blog. That one is getting some legs to it and hopefully by the end of the weekend I can get a few more entries in there for Ellie.

And of course there is my 2nd book, which is still is a really, really rough. I haven't conceptualized it enough, nor been able to take enough time to make it happen. Ironic---since the book is about making time...but then I would tell you in the book that it obviously isn't a priority to write the book, that is if I ever get the book written.

My son's Nemo birthday party is on Saturday, so I have a week to pull that together. And on that note, I am going to go turn some Easter eggs into "Nemos."


Thursday, November 23, 2006


Thank you for my family.
Thank you to my family.

Friday, November 17, 2006


Went to the gym yesterday and I must have done a good job... my arms ache! This getting in shape thing is rough.

Did the museum thing today with Nate--good times. (Until we had to leave!)

Still examining the coaching career option. I am liking it more and more, as long as I can get the right $ for it. Not making any rash decisions though. I am going to do some more work with Ellie, and that will keep me busy at least in the short run.

The holidays are fast approaching and for the first time ever I wont be at my parent's house or Jas' parent's house for the holiday. Makes me really sad. Guess I'll have to learn what to do with a turkey...

Started the re-design process on my website. I should have an idea of what it will look like after Thanksgiving.

Well I best be going so I can do my new mouth wash, brush, listerine, ACT routine. Healthy teeth = healthy Meg...

writer blogger website consultant business coach


Let me confess... I have been sleeping lately. And not just a little bit here and there. I have been sleeping about 7 to 8 hours almost every night! I guess not working has cleared my head a bit, and removed the emergency need to work late into the night and morning. That said, I am battling the feeling of not getting enough done. But I have developed a new strategy and lifestyle associated with time--and forgiving myself for not doing everything all the time.

I have been sporatically updating my 90 Days Blog - while also writing my book offline. The books as it stands right now is a time management book--and I am looking for ways to make it different.

I am also exploring options career-wise, including business and introvert coaching.

I am getting ready to go to the children's museum with my son--until next time:


Saturday, November 11, 2006

New Project - Ask Dr. Ellie

Dr. Ellie Phillips, Dentist, Author, Xylitol Expert
I have teamed up with Dr. Ellie Phillips: author, dentist, speaker and restauranteur, to create an informational blog about tooth decay, treatments and prevention for a healthy smile. Dr. Ellie will be answering questions about dental health and xylitol, the miracle sugar that can save your teeth. Check out the new Ask Dr. Ellie blog.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Keeping up with not doing as much

I am finding it hard to get all the stuff done. That might seem crazy since I now don't work (per se), but it seems that I am a busy person regardless. I have found some time to read and write - although not to the extent that I would like. When the say that being a stay at home mom is a full time job - they are not kidding. Just being home with Nathan today, it has been tough to do much else.

I suppose that is fine. He needs my attention more than anything else - and the writing and the laundry and the email stuff will wait. (And the exercise and the packing and the house hunting and the leaves in the backyard and those calls, and the party invites and and and and and... it is no wonder I needed a break.

back to work/life.


Friday, November 03, 2006

Henrietta Blogger no longer

Hello Folks - I wanted to give you all quick update. I will no longer be blogging for the Rochester D and C - Henrietta Blog. They recently decided that they weren't going to pay the community bloggers, (which I think is a bad business move--for a ton of reasons, but they didnt ask me) and despite the fact that I was interested in continuing, I had a few questions. Specifically, I wanted to know who owned the Henrietta Blog content. As a writer, what I write is my intellectual property - and unless someone pays me to "own" it, I feel I have the right to sell or reproduce that text. (Not that I have some master plan--I just wanted clarification)

They said they would send the agreement - I never saw it. I assume they never meant for me to have it, because I got a call today.

Apparently the questions were too much for the D and C - they got concerned, and could not answer them. Or they chose not to. The whole thing is rotten. They did not cancel the blogs, in fact they are expanding them--just without me.

Big bummer, and I think it sets them up to have some trouble down the road. I will miss writing to the Henrietta resident. It was a lot of fun.

Anyway - maybe you will see me a little more here.