Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Lots of stuff

There is a lot of good stuff going on, and keeping me busy this week. I have gotten a booksigning scheduled for Borders on Oct 6th - so that is cool. I am going to Seattle this weekend (arg! I have to pack!) Things in BizLand are hopping - and we are about to start a big Extreme Web Makeover Contest campaign - AND my D and C Blog is finally getting some traffic, (although no doubt I will blow it with some boring entry that no one will like.)

And I was asked today to do another online interview on Networking... I love those.

And my insomnia is in full-force for the first time in weeks so I am gonna go and try to get something done!

- meg

Saturday, September 09, 2006

quick update and a confession

I have a book signing at Brambleberry Barn in Pittsford today from 2-4 - I am actually looking forward to it. It is a comfortable location, and Kelly will take good care of me when I start getting freaked out by the people :)

Anyway - if you get a cheance stop by and say hello.

and my confession... I think I am addicted to vistaprint. Not the free business cards... but the notepads and cards that you can customize. I has so far resisted buying them all, but I do go on and see how I could create cool things. I guess there are worse addictions.

Have you checked out the Rochester D and C Henrietta blog lately? I need some more people to comment so they don't replace me with someone more interesting... You can sign in anonymously.

Have a great day.