Thursday, July 27, 2006


It was pointed out again today that if I am going to have so many blogs I should actually update them.

Point taken. again.

Had mtg w/ D and C about Henrietta Blog today. Turns out that people read it. Well, at least when it is good. Which apparently it has not been recently, hence the mtg. Whoops. Hopefully that will be remedied since I was given some gentle constructive criticism. Of course I won't be following any of that here...and will maintain my rambly, boring updates as such.

It is afterall a blog.

Met with Kent the man today at Rock Ventures. I am gonna hook him up with a couple blogs for Team Creation and Team Building. Good stuff. Kent Rocks, you should all go do some climbing at RV.

hey, "Kent Rocks"... that is funny.
---or is it the cold medicine that is getting to me?

Was told the other day that my SEO Rochester Blog is out-ranking the BizNetix site again. Whoops. Sorry. (But secretly... whoo hoo) I will have to tune up the corporate site again. Can't have a silly blog out ranking the Biz site, that is no good. Especially since I have been updating that blog even less than the others. Bad Meg.

Tons of work, too little time. Vacation fast approaching...

until ltr to the 9 people daily who check in. Thanks for being what the newspaper is calling my "readership".

Frankly bizarre.


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

insomniac at work

I have been sleeping a lot more lately - but tonight I am a little worked up...(but the medicine should kick in soon.)

sold a book on ebay today... who would have thought. Sold several more through the traditional means and have a bookstore in Seattle placing in on the "Top Picks" table - so things going well there.

gonna enjoy a nice day tomorrow - moving the office to the pool, hope to get good Internet access, but at the very least, I should be able to catch up on my phone calls (and my tan).

short note today. (getting sllleeeeppppppyyyy)

Monday, July 10, 2006

reviews and such

I checked my Amazon ranking today - ok like a million times. I do this every day (like a million times).

...anyway I noticed a new review on there today. It was from the first person I do not truly know at all and it makes me smile tonight.

The other reviews are from friends, who while not obligated to say something nice, did so and therefore are only valuable to the person seeking to buy my book, and to me insomuch as it proves that they are nice enough to do me a favor. Did they like the book really? I don'y know.

But - this new review, unsolicited from someone in NYC... it is so nice. They did only give me 4 out of 5 stars.... but I can't complain too much. They took the time to post a review, and it is very appreciated.

And so you E. Halstead...thank you for making my day. Thank you for reminding me thatthere are many people have read the book now (or at least have purchased it), and thank you for giving me a nice review...

- Meg

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Meg's Space

I am finally cool again (uh, maybe...) and I have a myspace page - check it out. I am still working out the kinks -- you know, this technology stuff :)

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

How Funny

Ok - so I was just watching TV and someone was talking about looking themselves up on search engines. (Commonly called "googling") - I have to admit-- I do this all the time!

So I did it...

Now granted, it is my job to know where sites rank for particular targeted keyphrases... but it is always interesting to see where I am. And mostly it turns up the results I expect... again, that is afterall my job.

But tonight I was on a lesser-known engine...and looked myself up. And interestingly enough I found my real first negative information associated with my name. (At least that I have found so far!)

Now, frankly I find it funny... and even a little flattering. I made such an impression that someone took the time to write about me. Granted it was negative, but not so much that my ego is bruised. Essentially, I contacted a woman who had a similar blog to mine (relating to introversion) and we had a brief conversation via email. And then I added her to my mailing list. Which instead of sending a polite "please remove me from your list" reply when I sent a newsletter, she sent me a picture of dead bodies washed up on the shore. I am assuming from the tsunami a year ago - but I don't know. To be honest, it was so horrible I thought that it was a weird virus, or in error and ignored it. A month went by and I sent out another mailing. She got it and send back a very strange, and not very nice email ranting about how I invaded her space. I apologized, and removed her from my list.

So fast forward to today when I found her Web-post about how I spam.


I have a short list I send general updates to. Mostly they are close friends, business associates and people who have requested that I send them info about the book. Now I misunderstood her dead people email, but really...

I get hundreds of spam emails a day. I delete them and move on. If I took the time to email everyone who sent me an unwanted email I would go crazy. Spam is a fact of life, and fact is, what I sent was not as much spam as it was a note to friends. True--I am trying to sell a book. But if you don't want to read about it, don't. I am an introvert, email is a safe way for me to communicate. I am sorry she didn't like getting my email, but I moved on - so should she.

That said... I think it is halarious. It is almost like really being an important person--famous people have negative comments said about them all the time - I'm like them now--cool!

Oh and, if you want me to take you off my mailing list... please just ask!