Friday, February 03, 2006

Growing Old is Pigeon Poop

There are certain things that my dad says which go right over my head. My father is a biblical scholar, and to be honest, I just don't follow most of what he says about the lives of the early biblical scribes... but the other day dad said something I got... something that I will remember as amazingly profound and uncharacteristically to the point.

He said: "growing old is pigeon poop."

I couldn't agree more. Several people I love dearly are suffering severe medical problems today. And that puts things into a bit of a perspective. As crazy as my life is, my health is - ok. I should eat better and exercise - and the list of family medical problems to report to the doctor is ever increasing, but I am ok. All that SEO stuff and book selling and that really cute sweater at the mall - none of that matters in the end. Life is short. Too short.

My thoughts are with my family, and my friends tonight

(Too bad that after the hundreds of thousand of scholarly words my father has put to paper, the only thing I can recall at the moment is a statement about excrement...I might be the worst daughter ever.)

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Anonymous said...

Growing old is definately like pigeon poop! The worse thing about it is that you don't know you are growing old until somebody is kind enough to point it out to you. There comes a day when you realize that your circle of friends have moved on to another place. They stop listening to music, discussing interesting things and worse of all living. So there you are...where everyone else your age isn't and you wonder if you should "catch up" or just stay young.